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  • Contact us by e-mail, fax, phone . Based on your request we will give you a personal offer. In the offer you will have information about the preserves we do business with, hotels, caterings and restaurants planned programs from arrival to departure.
  • If you accept our offer we will need your passport number, hunting license number or gun license number (scanned copy will be sufficient) in your own state or country, also we will need the make, model and serial number of your guns you will be traveling with. (we will send you some PDF form to fill out)
  • After we receive all this information from you we will start to work on your trip. (takes about 5 business days to set it up if you are a US citizen). You will then receive a letter of invitation from the Hungarian Hunting club. License and liability insurance will be presented at the arrival. (30 day hunting license required by the government)
  • You will need the Hungarian hunting license when you leave Hungary and you will need to present it to the border officials at check in.
  • To import your guns into Hungary, you will need to present the guns at the Hungarian border station. You must have a valid passport, Hunting-gun license (valid in your own state or country) also the letter of invitation. You need all these documents to get your license for the import of your hunting weapons. Also you must pay custom duty (about  $ 20.00/gun) at the time. They have an exchange booth for currency exchange. At passport control you must go through the Red channel (things to declare) with your luggage and hunting weapons, to get the license.
  • You can also take (5kg) 8 lbs of ammunition for your guns (need a lockable box separate from the guns). If you don't want to declair customs on that we will buy it in Hungary. All the guns need to be in a carrying case with locks on it for transportation ( we also recommend trigger locks for the guns)
  • If your guide does not fly with you we will meet the Hunters at the Airport in Budapest and (if you rent a car you will follow our transportation Van) transport you or your group to the Hotel near the hunting territory.
  • During the hunting trip you will be with a guide. Guest hunters have to follow the commands of their professional guide and they are only allowed to kill the species of game that are specified by their hunting license. Hunters must use their own or the gun they rented  for Hunting in Hungary. At the end of each hunt the staff of the territory will fill out the shooting list with the shots you took and the services you used during your stay. Shooting list is in the Hunting license!
  • Payments, 50% deposit will be required in the US, in US funds as a down payment, that will be deducted from the balance that due on the first day of arrival.
  • to make this trip memorable follow the guides instructions and we promise you will have fun!

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