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Pheasant hunting or Duck hunting

World Class Shooting in the heart of Europe


Wingshooting in Europe (Hungary) is one of the best trips that you can ever make. Hunt in Hungary and enjoy the Hungarians great hospitality!

 Eastern Europe; people extraordinarily warm; a superb cuisine; and shooting of a quality you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. You'll find it all in Hungary, and it can steal your heart.  Call that serendipity. Call it "sweet reward."

Professional guides for big and small game hunting. Every year in Hungary more than 500-700 thousand birds bagged by Hungarian and foreign hunters. Hungary’s Red Stag, Wild Boar (2005 new world record was taken in Hungary), and Fallow Deer are also found in great numbers, with trophies that always are among the best in all of Europe.

560 birds in 3 hours driven English style hunting

beaters working the corn fields and Pheasant are flying

tractors with some of our pheasants looking good

preparing for the traditional pheasant presentation

Ready for the presentation more then 1,100 pheasants for today

Shoot Benny shoot, pheasants are flying hunters are shooting

Hunting pheasants is hard work so we stop to eat

Even the Ladies enjoying our pheasant hunts and she was a good shot

So if you like our photos and want to experience this beautiful hunt let us know


Bill Olah

Phone: 201-674-5761

E-mail us:

Thank you for choosing us, Hunting in Hungary is very rewarding to every foreign hunter.

1. 3 days Pheasant Package

2. 3 days Duck and Pheasant combination hunt

3. 4 days Pheasant and Duck combination Hunt

4. 3 day Roebuck deer Package

5. 5 day Package request with your bag limit

about Hungary:

Excellent hunting areas in Hungary, World famous cuisine and wine culture, High quality game management, World class trophies, Great Hunting traditions, Experience great old fashion hunting, Hunt for a variety of games, Fallow deer, Mouflon Ram, Red Stag, Roe Buck deer, Razor back Wild Boar, Brown Hare, Duck, Pheasant.

Hunt with us!

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